What are the details of Jeffersontown’s Occupational Withholding Tax?

Jeffersontown’s Occupational Tax is a 1% wage withholding tax on an employee’s gross wage. The tax must be withheld and remitted by the employer to the Jeffersontown Revenue Department on a quarterly basis each April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st. Tax forms are mailed to businesses 30 days before their due date.

Click here to review Jeffersontown’s Business License and Tax Ordinance No. 1233, Series 2008

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1. Where can I obtain a copy of Jeffersontown’s tax return forms?
2. What are the details of Jeffersontown’s Occupational Withholding Tax?
3. Does Jeffersontown have a different tax rate for employees that live in and outside of Jeffersontown or Louisville Metro (a/k/a Jefferson County)?
4. If I pay occupational tax to Louisville Metro am I required to pay Jeffersontown’s occupational tax?
5. How do I determine if my employees are working within the City of Jeffersontown and are subject to the business license fee and occupational tax?
6. Can I get a refund of occupational tax I paid on wages for work that was NOT performed in Jeffersontown?
7. When are occupational tax returns and payments due?
8. What if I missed the tax return filing deadline? Will late payments be charged penalty and interest?
9. Are any persons exempt from the occupational tax?