Boards & Commissions

Jeffersontown Board of Zoning and Adjustments (JBOZA)

The Jeffersontown Board of Zoning and Adjustments has the power to hear and decide on applications for variances and conditional use permits within corporate bourndaries of the City of Jeffersontown.

Civil Service

The Civil Service Commission will examine and recommend the appointment of candidates for positions with the Jeffersontown Police Department. The commission also ensures the tenure of police officers carrying out their appointed duties under conditions of good behavior.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Board has the power to issue remedial orders and impose fines as a method of enforcing city ordinances when a violation has been classified as a civil offense.


The Ethics Commission will receive and investigate complaints, hold hearings, and make findings of fact and determinations with regard to alleged violations of the City of Jeffersontown’s Code of Ethics.