Collision Reconstruction Unit


The Jeffersontown Police Department’s Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU) is tasked with investigating traffic collisions within the city that result in fatalities, serious injuries and or large monetary loss of property due to collision damage.  The CRU will document a collision scene by photographing it, taking digital video, sketching the scene by hand, and through the use of the Total Station, a sophisticated electronic survey tool designed to produce a scale diagram of the scene.  All parties involved in and witnesses to the collision will be interviewed by the CRU investigators. The unit is comprised of Patrol Officers and Sergeants who have gone through extensive and specialized training to be able to fully investigate and understand the dynamics of the collision.
  • Sergeant B. Mills (Commander)
  • Sergeant C. Morris
  • Sergeant D. Gilbert
  • Officer T. Tinsley
  • Officer A. Gutermuth
  • Officer M. Cruz
  • Officer P. Hieb
  • Officer P. Maskey
  • Officer S. Bell
  • Officer M. O'Neal
  • Officer M. Carman