Jeffersontown Occupation Business Savings

  • Financial incentive based on an inducement equivalent to 50% of the Jeffersontown Occupational Tax generated by the project over five (5) years when criteria met.
  • Requires company have an aggregate new annual payroll minimum of $147,000, a minimum average annual payroll per new employee of $49,000 per full time equivalent job and maintain a minimum of three (3) new full time equivalent employees subject to and current with the Jeffersontown Occupational Tax Code.
  • Refunds to be made annually after company submits annual employee W-2’s to the Jeffersontown Revenue Department for verification. Company must initiate request.  
  • Company must be in good standing, current with all taxes due and be subject to Jeffersontown City audit.
  • Requires the City of Jeffersontown is not participating in other State based incentive programs benefiting the company (i.e. KBI).
  • Requires City Incentive Review Panel JOBS application approval prior to first eligible new hire and Jeffersontown City Council approval by resolution for projects when the company benefit is expected to be in excess of $20,000 over the life of the program.

Please contact Brian Abrams, by Email or at (502) 261-9697 to schedule a pre-application qualifying meeting. 

JOBS Program