Jeffersontown Historical Society

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In 1972, Jeffersontown decided that its history needed to be preserved by housing artifacts in a museum, which was located in a room at City Hall. The next logical step for board members was to incorporate as an historical society. By 1973, The Jeffersontown and Southeastern Jefferson County Historical Society was formed. Members worked hard to preserve the city's history by working on the museum, trying to get historical markers erected around town, and microfilming old copies of The Jeffersonian, the oldest county weekly newspaper -- these papers are currently available online, thanks to the Society's preservation efforts. They raised funds by creating postcards and stationery for sale to the public. The Society worked tirelessly on many projects until they disbanded in 1982.

A second incarnation of a city museum was created in 1997 to celebrate Jeffersontown's Bicentennial. A few years later, a new historical society was formed to assist the Jeffersontown Historical Museum in preserving and promoting local history. The Greater Jeffersontown Historical Society meets regularly at the Jeffersontown Library, and everyone is invited to join.