St. Edward School

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In 1836, a tavern occupied lots 14 and 15 on the corner of the town square at Taylorsville Road and Watterson Trail. In 1881 members of the 30 Catholic families who gathered for mass in Jeffersontown raised $700 to purchase those lots to build a church. The structure was completed in 1884, and in 1885 it was named St. Edward Church.

A small school building was dedicated on the church property February 12, 1907. There were 20 students in grades 1-8, staffed by two Ursuline sisters, who rode the interurban daily from St. James Church on Bardstown Road. By 1909, attendance had increased to 77; that number double by 1945, and a 3-room addition was completed for the 1947-1948 school year.

By the early 1950s, membership had outgrown the church and school buildings, so in 1955, an 11-acre plot of land was purchased in the Charlane Heights subdivision to erect a larger church and school.  The new school of 11 classrooms with 8 grades opened with 210 students in 1956. Over the years, more classrooms were added as enrollment continued to rise. To this day, the church and school carry on their mission to educate children and build peace.