Jefferson County Bank

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The Jefferson County Bank was organized and incorporated January 18, 1904, and opened for business in the Groves building, which originally stood on the corner of the town square currently occupied by King Southern Bank.

In July 1904, the Bank relocated to its newly-built home across the street, in the building with the corner entrance which stands just to the right of City Hall. The bank was organized with less than $10,000 capital, and the first officers of the bank were H.N. Reubelt, president; John J. McHenry, vice-president; and D. Price Vanarsdale, cashier.

In 1927, the Jefferson County Bank moved back across the street to its original location, although this time it was housed in the newly constructed corner building containing a vault, which remains to this day. Hard economic times caused the bank's closure in 1931, but in 1941 the new Bank of Jeffersontown opened in the same location.