Bluegrass Commerce Park

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Time marches on and Jeffersontown marched right along with it. By the 1950s, Jack Durrett was busy building new subdivisions and shopping malls in the area, and Fred Weber had come up with the idea to create an industrial park on the undeveloped land within the city limits. In the 1960s, L. Leroy Highbaugh and Son purchased the 627-acre tract that would become known as the Bluegrass Research and Industrial Park.

The industrial park opened in June 1967 with 19 businesses. It now boasts approximately 850 businesses representing over 30,000 employees. Add to that a residential population of about 29,000, and one can easily see that Jeffersontown is a city of some strength. More than that, though, Jeffersontown is its people, and one is not likely to find a more pleasant group of individuals anywhere.

In 2009, with input from the residents of Jeffersontown, the Bluegrass Research and Industrial Park was renamed Bluegrass Commerce Park.