Occupational Tax

Payroll Withholding Tax

The city occupational withholding tax is a payroll withholding tax on an employee’s gross wage for any work performed in Jeffersontown. Employers are responsible for withholding the occupational tax, filing quarterly tax returns, and timely remittance of tax to the Jeffersontown Revenue Department.

Tax Rate

1% of gross wage. No exemptions. No minimum or maximum amount.

Tax Reporting and Payment Due Dates

Jeffersontown Revenue Department mails quarterly city withholding tax returns to business approximately 30 days before they are due. Blank quarterly tax return forms are also available on our website.

City withholding tax returns and payment are due each April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st for the preceding tax period.

Resources - These forms are necessary to ensure timely processing.