Real Estate Property Tax Calendar

January 1

Property tax assessments are determined on a property’s fair market value as of January 1 of each tax year.

Delinquent tax bills are charged a 6.0% penalty and assessed interest at 0.5% per month.

April 1

Notice of delinquent tax bills are mailed.

May 1

A tax lien fee is charged and city tax liens are recorded against parcels with delinquent tax accounts.

June 30

The Jeffersontown city government’s annual budget sets the real property tax rate.

October 1

The Jeffersontown Revenue Department mails tax bills to property owners during the first week of October.

October 31

Taxpayers who pay their tax bill by October 31 receive a 2% discount

December 31

Last day to pay the current year’s tax bill without penalty or interest.