Bike Patrol


The bike patrol was researched and developed by the Jeffersontown Police Department and is used to benefit both the Jeffersontown Police Department and the City of Jeffersontown. 


The officers selected have to go through bike patrol training and must accept that the bike patrol is additional duties to their primary functions as a patrol officer. The bike silent hubs allow officers to get extremely close to offenders before they even know the officer is there. The bike unit is very effective and instrumental during the Gaslight Festival. Because of this, a strong emphasis was put on slow moving techniques during training. 
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The officers may be required to get through a very large crowd to get a run. The slow-moving technique trains the officer to go as slow as possible without falling and possibly injuring bystanders. This technique is often done and calls for a standstill in order to turn or move around the crowd, which requires a great deal of balance. The training also included the history of the bike patrol, bike maintenance, health and fitness, patrol procedures, the rules of the road, and simple to advanced bike handling skills.

Uniform & Equipment

The officers are outfitted in a special uniform and web gear that allows flexibility for the officers to move while riding the patrol bike. Officers are encouraged to ride their bikes off duty to maintain a degree of physical fitness. The bikes used are Trek bikes that were developed for the specific use of police bike patrol. The bike is outfitted with lights for nighttime use, a siren, tool kit, and a patrol bag to carry needed equipment to perform their duties.

Who to Contact

The bike patrol unit is under the command of Officer Paul Maskey and any questions can be directed to him at the Police Department located 10410 Taylorsville Road, Jeffersontown, KY 40299

Current Members

  • Officer P. Maskey (Commander)
  • Sergeant B. Gwynn
  • Sergeant D. Gilbert
  • Officer M. Braden
  • Officer P. Hieb
  • Officer M. Ferman
  • Officer S. Erie
  • Officer E. Wescott
  • Officer M. O'Neal
  • Officer L. Waters
  • Officer S. Dykes