Program Information

The Jeffersontown police chaplain is on-call 24/7 and will respond to a variety of calls for assistance as needed. Since the inception of the Chaplaincy Program in November 1975, Reverend Tom Dillard has served as the Jeffersontown police chaplain. In addition to his duties with the Police Department, Chaplain Dillard is the fire chaplain for the Jeffersontown Fire Department.

Duties of the Chaplain 

As police chaplain, Reverend Dillard provides many services to the employees and families of the Police Department, City Hall, and Public Works Department. Many hospital visits are made each week, a number of marriages are performed each year, and several funerals are conducted for city personnel families. In addition, Reverend Dillard provides counseling services and other assistance to any city official or employee when called upon to do so.
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As of January 2013, Reverend Dillard assumed duties relating to Crime Prevention for the Police Department. He handles Neighborhood Block Watch Programs, applications for residential and commercial alarm systems and citations relating to false alarms, and tours of the Police Department facility. Throughout the year, Reverend Dillard sets up an informational booth on crime prevention at many local schools and community events and assists patrol officers with any other areas of crime prevention as needed. 

Reverend Dillard spends a lot of time working in the community. He regularly assists in the D.A.R.E. graduations in the elementary and middle schools. He works closely with the Dare to Care / Jeffersontown Area Ministries to help indigent citizens and transient people coming through our community. He also helps with many community-wide events such as:
  • Annual Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Christmas party for needy children and their families
  • Community Choir, which led a 9/11 service
  • Community Thanksgiving Service
  • The Community Prayer Breakfast

Police Band & Gospel Group

Reverend Dillard spends a great amount of time representing Jeffersontown in the police band, "Street Heat". This band performs some 35 concerts each year, mainly to the 4th and 5th grade students in Jefferson County with an anti-drug / anti-violence message in word and song. The band also makes five out-of-town trips each year to share their message through the Commonwealth of Kentucky. As of 2013, this program is 21 years old, and has reached well over 1 million children. Reverend Dillard is the president of the band and also sings in a popular gospel group, "Fishers of Men," that perform throughout the community. 

Reach Out 

It is always the desire for Reverend Dillard to make himself available to anyone who has a need for his help. However much time is needed, Reverend Dillard is ready and willing to be of help and assistance to the Jeffersontown Community, the Jeffersontown Police Department, citizens, and even visitors whenever called upon.