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SupraSafe Key Box
General Information
SupraSafe2HS Key Box
To provide an efficient system for building access in emergency situations, the Jeffersontown Fire Protection District requires a Rapid Entry Key Box for new, remodeled and existing buildings and properties, except for one- and two-family dwellings. The approved key box for JFPD is the SupraSafe 2HS key box.

If you are required to install a SupraSafe 2HS key box, download the SupraSafe order form. Complete the order form and follow the instructions to place order. At this time, JFPD does not require an authorized signature prior to ordering. After you have submitted your application, it will take approximately two to four weeks to receive the key box.

Please note: Key box purchase and installation are the responsibility of the property owner.

Key Box Guidelines
  • Although an authorized signature is not required at the time of order, installation locations should be approved by JFPD prior to installation.
    • Key boxes should be mounted adjacent to the entry door most suitable for emergency access. Consideration should be given to the location of fire department access roads or other fire protection systems.
    • Key boxes should not be visually or physically obstructed by landscaping or architectural elements.
    • It is recommended all key boxes be electronically supervised.
    • The property owner shall be responsible for ensuring the keys are updated whenever locks are changed.
  • The key box shall contain a master key and/or a coded card to open doors or other access means at the following locations:
    • The main entrance
    • Individual tenant spaces
    • Rooms containing:
      • control valves for automatic fire protection systems
      • fire alarm system control panels
      • elevator operating equipment
      • hazardous storage
      • main electrical service panels
      • other areas the fire chief, or designee, determines immediate access is necessary
  • The key box shall also contain a completed “Emergency Contact Survey,” which lists the names and contact numbers of keyholders.
  • Visit SupraSafe for additional information about the SupraSafe 2HS key box.

10416 Watterson Trail   |   Jeffersontown, KY 40299   |   Ph: (502) 267-8333   |   Fx: (502) 267-0547
10416 Watterson Trail   |   Jeffersontown, KY 40299   |   Ph: (502) 267-8333   |   Fx: (502) 267-0547