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Easter Basket Safety
General Information
“Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. . . !” While most school age children, ages 6 and up, will probably be safe with a retail Easter basket, special care must be taken when creating baskets or Easter gifts for toddlers and infants.

The easiest way to help keep children safe is to purchase age-appropriate baskets, candy and toys. Even though many of these items are marketed for small children, they can pose serious choking hazards. Many toy “stuffers” are also choking hazards as they come apart easily and may contain small parts. Look for age guidelines when selecting toys, but use your own judgment concerning your child.

Safety Tips (a partial list)
Easter Basket
  • Place only age-appropriate candy and toys in your children’s Easter baskets.
  • Carefully examine candy-filled toys for small objects or hard candies that toddles can choke on.
  • Be sure the basket itself is toddler friendly. Some wicker, bamboo or wood baskets can break apart, leaving small pieces your toddler can put in his/her mouth.
  • If you’re unsure whether an object or food item could be harmful, you can purchase a standard small-parts cylinder at juvenile products stores or test toys using a toilet paper roll, which has a diameter of approximately 1¾ inches.
  • Age-appropriate items for toddlers:
    • Coloring book and toddler crayons
    • Toddler story books
    • Animal crackers
    • Plush bunny or duck
    • Bubbles (bubble solution with bubble wand)
    • Finger paints
    • Lollipops with safety rings, not sticks
    • Cookies


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10416 Watterson Trail   |   Jeffersontown, KY 40299   |   Ph: (502) 267-8333   |   Fx: (502) 267-0547