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Lawn Mower Safety
Facts, Figures & General Information
Nothing says more about how you care for your home than a well-manicured lawn. However, power lawn mowers are among the most dangerous tools we have around our home. Each year, approximately 70,000 people injured in power-mower-related incidents are treated in emergency departments for injuries including deep cuts, loss of fingers and toes, broken and dislocated bones, burns and eye injuries.

Safety Tips (a partial list)
Lawn Mowing
Healthchildren.org and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) offer these safety recommendations to prevent lawn mower injuries:
  • Read the mower’s instruction manual prior to use.
  • Do not remove safety devices or guards on switches.
  • Try to use a mower with a control that stops the mower from moving forward if the handle is let go.
  • Prevent injuries from flying objects, such as stones or toys, by picking up objects form the lawn before mowing begins.
  • Never insert hands or feet into the mower to remove grass or debris. Even with the motor turned off, the blade remains engaged.
  • Always use a stick or broom handle to remove any obstruction.
  • Never cut grass when it is wet or when the ground is damp.
  • Never allow a child to operate the mower at any time or be in the area to be mowed.
  • Never allow passengers, other than the operator, on riding mowers.
  • Keep your mower in good working order and with sharp blades.
  • Do not drink before or while using a lawn mower.
  • Wear protective boots, goggles, gloves, long pants and hearing protection.
  • Do not operate the lawn mower while barefoot.
  • Be cautious when mowing hills or slopes.
  • Start and refuel mowers outdoors, not in a garage or shed. Mowers should be refueled with the motor turned off and cool.

American Society for Surgery of the Hand

10416 Watterson Trail   |   Jeffersontown, KY 40299   |   Ph: (502) 267-8333   |   Fx: (502) 267-0547
10416 Watterson Trail   |   Jeffersontown, KY 40299   |   Ph: (502) 267-8333   |   Fx: (502) 267-0547