How can you help?

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While we are partnering with local organizations and PAARI to reduce costs, your donation will help fund participant transportation costs and general operating costs for the program. Please call 502-267-0503 to donate or find out more. 


Volunteers are the “Angels” of the Program. Angels are a critical part of the program and we are in need of caring and supportive individuals to help. Volunteers will support and assist the participants throughout the intake process. Angels will be called to the station to meet the participant and start the support process. Angels may also be tasked with calling facilities to place the participant in treatment, in the instance that officers are unable to assist. Some Angels may meet the participant at an assigned local treatment facility to ensure comfort during the intake process. 

Angels are required to attend a 4-hour collaboration training with The Healing Place and the Jeffersontown Police Department. Angels are required to have personal transportation and pass a background check as listed in the volunteer application. To learn more or submit a volunteer application, email Sgt. Brittney Garrett or call 502-267-0503. 

Treatment Centers 

We are always in need of more treatment resources in the community and statewide. Check out the Police Assisted Addiction Recovery Initiative at for more information on nationwide partners or email Sgt. Garrett at for more information.  


Angel Volunteer Application